About Us

Dear all:

We are a subdivision of VATSUR, VATSIM’s South American division. This last one is a virtual network that provides to the aviation community the possibility to live the real controller’s experience and fly with another pilots connected at the same time. It’s our duty to create a didactic and entertaining environment in which we are all constantly learning.


As we said, this environment is developed in VATSIM - Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network. This is a non-profit network, which means that it’s totally free. Like every community, it has rules and policies to enforce, detailed in the CoC – Code of Conduct – and must be reviewed and understood before you sign up. As well as the Operating Document of VATSIM Argentina.


CoC: Code Of Conduct - VATSIM


English Version: Code of Regulations - VATSUR


VATSIM Argentina: Operating Document


VATSIM has many divisions like VATUSA, VATUK, VATSA, VATSUR, among others. VATSUR is in charge of all the pilots

and controllers of South America, which groups different FIR’s, vACC’s or ARTCC’s. To know the staff roster visit the following link: VATSUR Staff.


Our work is to manage Argentina’s virtual airspace, provide assistance to both pilots and new controllers, make theoretical and practical instructions for those who want to progress in their ATCs and pilots courses, among others. We also have monthly events where we offer full control in a certain airspace and we use an external client software to communicate between us

(TeamSpeak 3 de VATSIM Argentina – Server: ts3.vatarg.com:9999)


It should be noted that neither VATSIM Argentina nor the virtual network itself has validity in real life or has any relationship

with any real organization.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact any member of our staff who will gladly resolve your concerns. We wait

for you in the Argentines skies!


Welcome to VATSIM Argentina!